Young Adults Ministry

This ministry consists of young men and women who share the word of God and also show their talents by doing different activities in the church.

The church develop activities and educational programs, it also takes into consideration of trends such as declining church attendance and involvement in the ministry activities and a gap between church teaching and beliefs or perceptions of young adults.


Programs include sharing good ways in tackling problems using the bible. Leaders can organize a series of prayer partitions over a period of weeks, months, or other regular intervals.


The purpose is to organise prayer pertitions for an end to abortion, poverty, war, for immigrants or victims of terrorism, for policies that respect the environment, human rights, or the family, and for the resolution of many other issues addressed by the leaders and members. These prayer pertitions can be done during the daytime, or in the evening, at local churches or outside of businesses, government facilities, hospitals, or any place fitting the occasion.

News and Updates

Calvary Family Church (UK)

Calvary Family Church (UK) is part of the Calvary Family International Ministries which has its headquarters in Malawi, Southern Africa. The church started operating in the United Kingdom in August 2002.

The picture beside is CFC(uk) building which is in Nottingham.

CFC(UK) link.