About Us

At Calvary Family Church, membership is more than a statement of where you worship, it is a commitment to the church and ministries of CFC. Members of CFC actively serve together as we strive to impact and influence our community and the world through Jesus Christ.

Becoming a member will usually open up new opportunities for you to serve in significant ministry roles within the church family. sually by committing yourself to becoming a member you will have a greater focus to use and develop your gift, abilities and skills within the church focus.

Our Purpose

At Calvary family Church, our doors are open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiriual journey. We are a life giving Multicultural Church and our purpose is to infuse life and God's love into people and families through engaging, powerful worship services that offer biblical truth in relevant and practical ways.

So if you are still checking out the church scene and investigating the claims of Jesus Christ, thank you for allowing us to help you in your search. Or, if you are a committed Christ follower who wants to sink your faith roots even deeper, you can find a home here at Calvary Family Church.

Bairstow Senior Citizen Club Bairstow Senior Citizen club is a Manchester City Council building where we hire every sunday for our praise and worship. If you want to visit us one of the sunday, 203 bus from Manchester town centre can get you there by getting off at Morrison Shop in Reddish. follow the Link...
Elder KalizaElder Kaliza is the presiding elder for this Manchester branch.
Preaching the WordHere is one of the services in the Bairstow Club where one of our elders was sharing the word of God to the congregation.
Feel free to join us one of these sundays.

Who We Are

The vision for Calvary Family Church was planted in the heart of its founder, Dr Madalitso P Mbewe in 1992. On 12 December 2004 under the Eldership of Harry Kaliza and several members launched it in Manchester. The launching of the church happened in Adwick Sports Hall in Adwick, Manchester. Sunday services began and the location was Gorton Social Club till January 2008. After 2008 we moved to Martin Luther King House till February 2011. We are now settled in Reddish (Bairstow Senior Citizen Club). Each and every sunday we have our service from 1000hrs to 1300hrs. We are a church based on family values.

Our Goals

Our goal is to spread the word of GOD by transforming nations through the cross of calvary.

News and Updates

Calvary Family Church (UK)

Calvary Family Church (UK) is part of the Calvary Family International Ministries which has its headquarters in Malawi, Southern Africa. The church started operating in the United Kingdom in August 2002.

The picture beside is CFC(uk) building which is in Nottingham.

CFC(UK) link.